IRI Indonesia prepares for launch of local chapters in Riau, East Kalimantan

In February, an IRI Indonesia delegation went on an inception mission to Riau in preparation for the launch of a local chapter in the province.  The delegation met with the Governor of Riau, Mr. Syamsuar, as well as local religious leaders, NGOs and indigenous peoples’ representatives to outline the mission and mandate of IRI Indonesia and plans for local chapter work. The delegation held discussions about the potential of setting up a Green Riau office where IRI Riau could house a local chapter secretariat.  The Governor was presented with the IRI Indonesia religious teaching guides and engaged in a discussion about issuing new local regulations to curb deforestation.  Meetings were also held with Muhammadiyah University and the Muhammadiyah Regional Office on collaboration on the IRI Riau local chapter.  The IRI Riau launch will take place in mid-March and include a public launch, training for 50 religious leaders, a virtual seminar on the IRI Indonesia paperless campaign for the 56 Muhammadiyah universities across Indonesia. Several members of the IRI Indonesia Advisory Council will participate in the launch, including chair of the council, Prof. Din Syamsuddin.  Plans are underway to visit East Kalimantan in early March to carry out a similar mission to meet with officials and partners in preparation for a likely IRI East Kalimantan launch in early April.