IRI Colombia delivers trainings and 2021 action plans with all 36 local chapters

In the last several weeks, IRI Colombia has delivered training and capacity building workshops in all 36 local chapters across the country.  Each training event included a workshop on deforestation and climate change and then the articulation of a local strategy and action plan, including commitments to activities like early childhood education on forest protection, creating care for the Amazon management boards, river recovery and reforestation programs, public outreach campaigns to promote the conservation and preservation of forests, and creating inter-institutional environmental roundtables.  The workshops included the participation of  religious and social leaders, representatives of indigenous peoples groups, environmental activists, political leaders, and the municipal government.  Action plans were developed through a social mapping exercise, to see where IRI local chapters could have the greatest impact on forest protection.  Part of the planning also included a pastoral action workshop, where religious leaders committed to a range of activities designed to educate and activate their networks and houses of worship on forest protection and restoration. 

  • February 18: IRI-Puerto Guzman, IRI-Santa Lucia and IRI-Nueva Union
  •  February 20: IRI-Puerto Asís, IRI-Vegas del Piñuña Blanco and IRI-El Águila
  • February 25: IRI-Miraflores, IRI-Agua Bonita Baja and IRI-Puerto Santander
  • February 26: IRI-El Retorno, IRI-El Unilla and IRI-La Libertad
  • February 27: IRI-San José del Guaviare, IRI-El Capricho and IRI-Charras Boquerón
  • March 1: IRI-Calamar, IRI-Argelia and IRI-Itilla
  • March 5: IRI-La Macarena, IRI-La Cristalina and IRI-Alto Morrocoy
  • March 10: IRI-Solano, IRI-Puerto Tejada and IRI-Campo Alegre
  • March 12: IRI-Puerto Leguízamo, IRI-Resguardo Indígena La Samaritana and IRI-El Triunfo
  • March 16: IRI-San Vicente del Caguán, IRI-Ciudad Yarí and IRI-Campo Hermoso
  • March 17: IRI-Puerto Rico, IRI-La Soledad and IRI Bajo Riecito
  • 19 March: IRI-Cartagena del Chairá, IRI-La Primavera and IRI-Remolinos del Caguán