IRI Colombia and Voces 2030 Colombia form a new partnership

IRI Colombia and Voces 2030 Colombia have joined forces to work in partnership for the protection of forests. Voces 2030 Colombia is an interdisciplinary collective that seeks to advance sustainable development and brings together more than 40 leaders from NGOs and top universities in the country. To kick-off the new partnership, they organized an event to mark the official start of the Escazú Agreement. “Our commitment to fight deforestation is also a commitment to help build a fairer and a more inclusive society and to restore the deep wounds we have caused to our Common Home, the inheritance of future generations,” said Blanca Echeverry, National Facilitator of IRI Colombia, who spoke about IRI, the importance of moral, ethical and spiritual leadership of religious leaders to address deforestation in the Amazon rainforest, and the urgency of ratifying the Escazu Agreement by the Congress of the Republic. “We need more strength and more voices to demand that the countries that have not ratified the Escazú Agreement do so and demand its correct implementation,” said Lina Muñoz-Ávila, director of Environmental Law and Management at the Universidad del Rosario and member of Voces 2030 Colombia.