IRI Indonesia holds tree planting and lecture on forests with Hindu community

To celebrate Earth Day, IRI Indonesia organized a mangrove tree planting event and a lecture on forests and climate change in Bali with Parisada Hindu Dharma Indonesia, the Indonesia Hinduism Society.  More than 70 people participated in the tree planting and the workshop.  The lecture was given by Astono Chandra Dana SE., MM, a high-level priest and Head of Environment and Natural Resources at Parisada Hindu Dharma Indonesia. He spoke about the importance of mangroves and their role in protecting coastal communities from land erosion, floods and Tsunamis. The event was part of IRI Indonesia’s program of raising awareness about deforestation and the role that religious communities across the country can play to protect and restore forests. The program also included a ‘Caring for Forests’ movement which encourages communities to plant trees, preserve endangered species and protect the rights of indigenous peoples.