IRI Indonesia shares videos of religious councils endorsing work on forests, recognizing AMAN

IRI Indonesia has released a video of leaders from the country’s Religious Councils committing to work together through the initiative and to make the protection of Indonesia’s forests a moral and spiritual concern.  The video below contains statements from Muslim, Catholic, Hindu, Buddhist and Confucian leaders who are working collaboratively and through their respective faith networks to make care and protection of rainforests part of religious teaching and education.  Prof. Dr. Din Syamsuddin, chair of the IRI Indonesia Advisory Council, also recently shared a video of congratulations to the Alliance of Indigenous Peoples of the Archipelago (AMAN), the country’s national indigenous peoples’ organization, on 22 years of work on behalf of indigenous peoples and forest communities. The video message below includes words of appreciation and respect for the tireless work that AMAN has done to protect the rights of indigenous peoples and to raise the profile and visibility of indigenous peoples’ issues. Dr. Syamsuddin expressed hope that AMAN can continue its important work on securing the rights, territories and resources of indigenous peoples in the country.