IRI Colombia launches campaign to promote UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration

On the eve of World Environment Day, June 4th, IRI Colombia launched a country-wide campaign as a contribution to the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. The campaign, “Sueña un jardín de ideas” (Dream a Garden of Ideas), includes a series of activities to reimagine, recreate and restore the tropical forests of the Colombian Amazon. The campaign aims to raise awareness and encourage people to get actively involved in the protection and restoration of Colombia’s forests. One feature of the campaign is a dedicated communications effort that is working through the major TV, radio and print media outlets in the country with key messages on the urgent need and responsibility to protect and restore Colombia’s forests. Beginning on May 31st, radio spots were broadcast in all Amazonian municipalities where IRI Colombia has a presence, calling on religious leaders, social and environmental organizations and elected officials to imagine what a protected and restored Colombian Amazon can look like in the future.  IRI Colombia is also organizing workshops in all 36 local chapters where religious leaders and their communities will participate in a collective exercise to imagine what the Amazon Forest will look like in the future.