IRI Brazil holds major mobilization around Amazon Day

As part of an advocacy and public outreach campaign around Amazon Day, IRI Brazil held a major mobilization effort through anInterfaith Meeting for the Preservation of the Amazon. This year’s Amazon Day celebration fell during the election period, creating an important opportunity to include care for the Amazon in the debate of major national issues, especially in view of the worsening indicators around deforesaton and violence against indigenous peoples. The purpose of the mobilization was to unite religious leaders – representing important national entities and movements –  to spread the message that it is urgent to stop the process of forest destruction and to halt the violation of indigenous peoples’ rights in the country. The main religious organizations in the country were represented at the meeting, including all members of the IRI Brazil Advisory Council (CNBB, CONIC, ACEB, RPPB, UM, CONIB and ISER) as well as 24 other organizations and movements in the country. The event was attended by 90 people and online participation reached 170 people during the 3-hour event, which has 1,765 views on YouTube. Several internationally renowned personalities were present at the event, such as former senator Marina Silva, scientist Carlos Nobre (keynote speaker), and the Cardinal of the Amazon, Dom Leonardo Steiner. The indigenous peoples were represented by the artist and geographer Marcia Kambebe (Amazonas), the lawyer Ivo Aureliano Macuxi (Roraima) and the young Tuíra Guajajara (Maranhão). The event was broadcasted on Youtube, on FMU’s channel. Rádio Campinas ( who have 6 million listeners) and Rádio Aparecida (which reaches part of the metropolitan region of São Paulo, Campinas and Vale do Paraíba and is retransmitted to affiliates all over the country covered the event. A recording of the event can be found here.