IRI Brazil showcases virtual reality film “Amazonia Viva” at Norwegian Embassy, to members of Advisory Council and key partners

During 2022, IRI Brazil has worked to create a virtual reality film that creates a 9-minute immersive experience into the heart of the Amazon’s Tapajós river region. The film features Raquel Tupinambá, an indigenous leader from the Surucuá community that guides the viewers through this interactive journey and was scripted and directed by award-winning filmmaker Estevão Ciavatta. The film was first launched on November 4th at the Norwegian Embassy in Brasilia and was attended by Odd Magne Ruud, Ambassador of Norway, along with key staff from the Embassy (Kristian Bengtson, coordinator of the Indigenous Peoples Program; and Clarissa Vargas, Program Officer for Climate and Environment) and the Norwegian Climate and Forest Initiative NICFI in Brazil (Vedis Vik, Coordinator; and Rafael Volochen, Advisor); representatives of the Advisory Council (including the United Nations Environment Program; National Council of Christian Churches, CONIC; National Conference of Bishops of Brazil, CNBB; and Religions for Peace Brazil); as well as Felício Pontes, Federal Attorney; Marina Silva, former Brazilian Minister of Environment; Sister Maria Irene Lopes dos Santos, Executive Director of the Pan-Amazonian Ecclesial Network in Brazil/REPAM-Brazil; Estevão Ciavatta, director of the film, and; Franscisco Almendra, director of photography and producer of the film.