IRI Brazil Launches Campaign To Reduce Wildfires And Deforestation In The Amazon States

The Amazon’s dry season (July to October) aligns with the period when a significant portion of deforestation and forest fires takes place. The air pollution stemming from the toxic smoke produced by tree combustion spreads across the region, resulting in severe health issues for the population, economic setbacks, and environmental degradation. The concept for launching a public awareness campaign, aimed at mobilizing the population and influencing public authorities to reduce fire and deforestation rates this year, emerged during discussions of IRI Acre’s local chapter action plan in June. It was named the “Campaign for the Right to Breathe Clean Air” with the goal of highlighting the importance of upholding the right to health and a balanced environment, as guaranteed by the Brazilian Constitution. Additionally, this theme was chosen to reach a broad audience, not solely those already attuned to ecological concerns. The campaign was initiated in July within the heart of Acre and expanded its reach to encompass all other Amazon states during the month of September, coinciding with the celebration of Amazon Day. Every religious leader and socio-environmental entity within IRI’s extensive network of partners received two valuable resources: i) tailored Guidance Manuals designed for Catholic, Evangelical, Ayahuasca, Spiritist, and African matrix audiences, and ii) a comprehensive communications kit of social media message cards. In the initial four days of the campaign, IRI Brazil successfully engaged 6,400 individuals on Instagram. A total of 60,000 people were reached directly with the campaign.