IRI Indonesia Launches New Provincial Chapter In Aceh

In September, IRI Indonesia launched a new provincial chapter in Aceh with the goal of expanding networks and collaboration among stakeholders to promote peace, tolerance, and interfaith cooperation in nature conservation, particularly in safeguarding tropical forests.  The event took place September 14 to 16, in the city of Banda Aceh and served as the official launch of IRI Aceh as a religious-driven endeavor committed to tropical forest preservation. The three-day event attracted representatives from various sectors, including government officials from Aceh, 34 esteemed religious leaders from across Indonesia, and 15 dedicated indigenous community representatives. In addition, the event drew the participation of five prominent non-governmental organizations (NGOs) operating in Aceh. Participants delved into the core mission and objectives of IRI Indonesia, instilling a shared commitment among the diverse group of attendees to the cause of forest preservation. A key achievement was the formation of a cohesive working team, comprising both religious leaders and indigenous community representatives, a team tasked with collaboratively devising an action plan for tropical forest preservation, imbued with a religious perspective. The event also facilitated direct engagement with the Wali Nangroe Aceh, a role equivalent to a provincial governor, representing the highest leadership in Aceh. The discussion with the Wali Nangroe Aceh revolved around strengthening collaboration and ensuring the sustainable continuity of forest protection programs in the Aceh region.