IRI Colombia meets with Amazonian Institute for Scientific Research – SINCHI to explore partnership for technical training of religious leaders, local officials

Blanca Echeverry, National Facilitator of IRI Colombia met with Luz Marina Mantilla, Director of the Amazonian Institute for Scientific Research – SINCHI on February 7th in Bogotá to explore opportunities for collaboration between the two organizations. The main objective of the meeting was to identify areas of synergy to carry out scientific training activities aimed at impacting diverse audiences, including religious, political, and economic leaders. In this sense, IRI Colombia would commit to contribute its extensive network of local chapters, its convening capacity and the commitment of its members in these activities. On the other hand, SINCHI would contribute its research and scientific content, and host trainings for key religious leaders and elected officials on the science of deforestation. By joining forces, both organizations can maximize their impact and broaden their reach, leveraging the complementary expertise and resources that each brings to the table. In addition, by targeting diverse audiences, they promote greater awareness and action in the protection and conservation of tropical forests, thus strengthening efforts for sustainable development in the region.