IRI Colombia participates in “Escucha la Amazonia” alliance preparations for 2024

IRI Colombia and the other organizations that make up the “Escucha la Amazonia” alliance held a strategic meeting to analyze the results achieved since 2022 and to advance in the definition of the advocacy route to be followed in 2024. Participating organizations included Gaia Amazonas, the Foundation for Conservation and Sustainable Development (FCDS), the National Organization of Indigenous Peoples of the Colombian Amazon (OPIAC), the Etnollano Foundation, The Nature Conservancy (TNC Colombia), WWF Colombia, the Environment and Society Association, and IRI Colombia. During the meeting, an exhaustive analysis of the inputs and results obtained to date was carried out, focusing on key issues such as the National Environmental System and the EscazĂș Agreement. In addition, they reflected on the strategic aspects that will be addressed in the advocacy work, with special emphasis on the next UN Conference on Biodiversity (COP16), scheduled for October this year in Cali. The collaboration and coordination between these organizations represents a joint effort to promote policies and actions that contribute to the protection and conservation of the Colombian Amazon. By reviewing progress and consolidating inputs, a solid foundation is ensured for the development of effective and coordinated advocacy strategies to address the most pressing environmental challenges and promote sustainable development in the region.