IRI Colombia prepares for Biodiversity Summit

IRI Colombia actively participated in the workshop “Challenges and Opportunities for Updating National Biodiversity Plans from the Colombian Amazon and on the Road to COP16,” convened by Rainforest Foundation Norway. In the event, various indigenous and non-governmental organizations and IRI Colombia met to reflect on the challenges posed by the goals of the Global Biodiversity Framework. In addition, concrete proposals were formulated for updating the National Biodiversity Plans and for effective participation in the next United Nations Conference on Biodiversity, scheduled to take place from October 21 to November 1 in Colombia.

During the workshop, presentations were given on various relevant topics, such as the latest developments of the Global Biodiversity Framework, the 2023 National Biodiversity Plan, the relationship between deforestation and the national policy of total peace, the EscazĂș Agreement, the implementation of carbon credits in the Amazon, as well as the management of non-municipalized areas and the Indigenous Environmental Management Plans (PAOI).

IRI Colombia’s active participation in the workshop demonstrates its continued commitment to the conservation and sustainable management of biodiversity in the Amazon region and to collaborating with other organizations in the search for effective solutions. The discussion focused on a results-oriented approach to controlling deforestation, protecting the environment and promoting sustainability.