IRI Peru delivers opinion column, bringing together religious, indigenous and civil society leaders to call for protection of forests

IRI Peru worked with three leaders to develop a firm opinion piece on the urgency of curbing threats to forests and life, especially in the Amazon. The opinion column was processed for publication in a national newspaper. The editorial reads, “The murders of indigenous people, the violence and insecurity, the contamination of fish and water, the enormous deforestation of the Amazon and the poverty of our people are real facts. What are we doing with this real information? Can it help us to find paths of justice and development or – rather – generate more violence and destruction? What we do today is the legacy we will leave to those to come, and there will be no better inheritance than to promote a healthy, just and peaceful Peru. History looks, judges, rewards and punishes. And that history is the one that each one of us is writing today. It is up to us to decide, then, on which side of history we want to be.” Find a link to the opinion column here.