IRI Peru provides recommendations to address inconsistencies in the Draft Law on Voluntary Conservation Areas

IRI Peru coordinated with the office of the First Vice President of the Congress of the Republic to provide him with an opinion on the bills scheduled for the Green Plenary, particularly the Draft Law on Voluntary Conservation Areas. In its intervention, IRI Peru warned about inconsistencies in the proposal and recommended some clarifications to consolidate the project. The proposal to modify the Law on Natural Protected Areas to rename “private conservation areas” as “voluntary conservation areas” is a good initiative that reflects a global trend and was also a request from the owners of these areas. IRI Peru warned that the draft law erroneously assigned competencies that did not correspond to the Ministry of Agriculture and additionally maintained confusing definitions about the system of protected areas. Clarifying text was proposed to help advance the law. IRI Peru also provided comments to consolidate proposals on other bills, such as the Environment by Taxes and others.