IRI Brazil holds scientific immersion for Evangelical leaders, IRI country program leadership teams

From 24-25 April, IRI Brazil held its tenth scientific immersion at the CEMADEN and INPE, which focused on climate change and the importance of the Amazon rainforest. The tenth immersion brought together 21 Evangelical leaders from the field of education (theologians, authors, bloggers, journalists, representatives of Evangelical student movements, seminary professors, artists, and digital influencers), who together had a reach of over 1 million people on social media, along with leadership teams from the IRI country programs in Colombia, Peru, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Indonesia. A key outcome of the immersion was the commitment of the participating theologians to widely disseminate scientific knowledge on climate, rainforest conservation, and the rights of Indigenous Peoples. IRI Brazil also committed to participate in the Congress of Biblical Scholars, to be held in Brazil at the end of the year, which will bring together leading biblical scholars, translators, and publishers across Latin America. Further, strategic commitments were made between CEMADEN and INPE, and the other IRI country programs, including: making the information systems generated by INPE accessible to IRI country programs; ensuring that the IRI country programs are able to utilize the information systems created by MapBiomas; and a commitment from IRI DRC to support in the installation of MapBiomas in the country.