IRI Brazil holds scientific immersion for interfaith leaders

From 10-11 April, IRI Brazil held its ninth scientific immersion at the National Center for Monitoring Natural Disasters and Alerts (CEMADEN) and the National Institute for Space Research (INPE), which focused on climate change and the importance of the Amazon rainforest. The immersion brought together 32 religious and faith leaders from different religious and faith traditions (Lutheran, Presbyterian, Anglican, Baptist, Pentecostal, Neo-Pentecostal, Spiritism, Judaism, Catholic, Africa Matrix, Ayahuasca, and Indigenous Spirituality). Through the immersion, the participants gained a deeper understanding of the state of climate emergency the world is confronted with, as well as the importance of combatting deforestation and ensuring that the territorial and human rights of Indigenous Peoples and traditional communities are upheld. The immersion also provided a critical opportunity for IRI Brazil to highlight its unique capacity to support religious and faith leaders in the development of strategies to raise awareness and implement concrete actions aimed at advancing rainforest restoration and socio-environmental rights. Most participants expressed interest in nominating other influential religious leaders to take part in future scientific immersions conducted by IRI Brazil.