IRI Indonesia facilitates workshop that integrates science and spirituality into environmental protection

On 3 April, IRI Indonesia, in partnership with the Directorate of Environmental Development Policy, Maritime Affairs, Natural Resources, and Nuclear Energy of the Indonesia National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) facilitated a workshop on “The Riches of Scientific Treasures and Spiritual Values in Environmental Protection.” The seminar focused on mitigation and adaptation strategies, enabling academics and religious communities to implement religion-based and science-based actions and support policies that protect the rights of Indigenous communities and forests. The seminar is a critical step towards the integration of spiritual values and scientific knowledge in environmental protection, and marked the beginning of the significant partnership between IRI Indonesia and BRIN. The event was attended 10 representatives from BRIN, 5 representatives from the Indonesian Ulema Council, 10 representatives from other religious councils, and 5 representatives from NGOs. Additionally, the event was attended by 65 virtual participants, including academics and religious figures.