Friends of the Amazon

One of the goals of IRI-Colombia is to consolidate itself as a great national movement for the protection of tropical forests and the defense of the rights of indigenous peoples and the peasant and Afro-descendant communities that inhabit them. This, with the aim of spreading throughout the country the message of the urgency of the […]

IRI-Colombia at the Oslo Forum on Tropical Forests

The Interfaith Initiative for Tropical Forests in Colombia participated in the Oslo Forum on Tropical Forests (OTFF), convened by Norad, the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation, on behalf of the Norwegian International Climate and Forest Initiative (NICFI). The global conference was held on 25 and 26 June in Oslo and brought together ministers, policymakers, multilateral […]

IRI-Colombia trained 220 leaders from Caquetá

Raising awareness about the crucial role played by the Amazonian tropical forests in the fight against climate change and their contribution to the well-being of humanity, as well as the urgency of acting to contribute to their protection, is one of the main mission lines of IRI-Colombia, which periodically carries out training processes for the […]

IRI-Colombia trained 30 leaders from San José del Guaviare and El Retorno

Ecotheology, the impact of deforestation in Guaviare and the process of savannization suffered by the Amazon biome, nature-based solutions and payments for environmental services, were the central themes of the training process that the Interreligious Initiative for Tropical Forests carried out on June 6, at the Facredig auditorium in San José del Guaviare. “We hope […]

Strengthening the commitment to the Amazon

On May 28th, IRI-Colombia met with its Advisory Council to present the Initiative’s progress during 2023 and socialize the work plan for 2024. During the meeting, the coordinator of IRI-Colombia, Blanca Lucía Echeverry, explained in detail the local intervention strategy developed through 42 local chapters -located in the so-called “deforestation arc”-, and the advocacy process […]

IRI-Colombia, present at the Forests and Climate Change Commission of the Congress

The Interfaith Rainforest Initiative participated in the “S.O.S. Amazonia” session, convened by the Senate and House of Representatives Committee on Forests and Climate Change, in order to analyze the most recent data on deforestation and its consequences in the Colombian Amazon. This space, held on May 9 and led by House Representative Julia Miranda and […]