IRI Peru briefs the President of the Republic on their work and the moral responsibility to protect rainforests

On January 12, IRI Peru was invited to brief the President of Peru on their work mobilizing religious leaders and faith-based communities to protect forests and the rights of indigenous peoples in the country. In the briefing, IRI Peru outlined that COVID 19 is the result of the destruction of forests and nature (and that forest protection should be considered a public health measure), that illegal logging continues to rise in the country (along with a request that the Draft Environmental Management Regulations for the Agriculture and Irrigation Sector be definitively rejected), that the construction of highways in the country should stop and are linked to illegal logging, and that the rights of indigenous peoples to their lands and territories be recognized.  IRI Peru also congratulated the President on the recent commitment to increased climate ambition and agreed to be partners in supporting the goal of becoming carbon neutral.  Lastly, the President was invited to join IRI Peru’s ‘Pact for the Amazon and healthy forests”, which is being promoted in 2021 across the country as a citizen initiative for the health of people and nature.