IRI Indonesia resource guides and religious teaching books

End of December, IRI Indonesia completed work with all of the Religious Councils in the country on resource guides and religious teaching books on the protection of rainforests.  The resource guides cover the science of forests, climate change, biodiversity, sustainable development and the rights of indigenous peoples, while the religious teaching books give religious leaders practical tools to incorporate calls for the protection of rainforests into their teaching, drawing from their respective spiritual traditions and sacred texts and scripture.  The books will be officially launched in the first quarter of 2021, along with a robust public outreach strategy, working with and through religious networks, press and media, government ministries. Efforts are also underway to incorporate the resources into religious school curricula across the country.      

Islam – Resource Guide (here)

Islam – Religious Teaching Guide (here)

Buddhism – Resource Guide (here)

Buddhism – Religious Teaching Guide (here)

Hindu – Resource Guide (here)

Hindu – Religious Teaching Guide (here)

Catholic – Resource Guide (here)

Catholic – Religious Teaching Guide (here)

Confucian – Resource Guide (here)Confucian – Religious Teaching Guide (here