Pact for the Amazon launched by IRI Peru

On 17 February, IRI Peru launched the Pact for the Amazon, a year-long campaign to raise public awareness about forests and to secure political commitments to protect forests and those that serve as their guardians. The Pact for the Amazon seeks to promote informed dialogues during 2021 in the context of three important events in the country: presidential and congressional elections, the bicentennial of Peru’s independence, and post-pandemic economic and social reactivation. The launch event included the participation of over 80 organizations from multiple key groups in the country: religious organizations, indigenous peoples, NGOs, the private sector, international cooperation agencies, and local and national authorities. Participants included the General Director of Intercultural Citizenship from the Ministry of Culture, the President of the Amazon Commonwealth, the Minister of Agrarian Development and Irrigation, and the Minister of Environment. The first electoral dialogue of candidates for office will be held on 4 March under the topic “Land use in the Amazon”.  The pact (below) has already been endorsed by more than 100 groups and organizations.  IRI Peru is also supporting IRI Puerto Maldonado and IRI Aucayacu to prepare their electoral dialogues.