IRI DRC holds training for religious leaders on rainforests in the province of Equateur

IRI DRC held a full-day training for 40 participants from different religious groups including Catholic, Protestant, Kimbanguist, Muslim, Revivalist, and Bahai leaders, as well as representatives from civil society, the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, the Ministry of Education and a delegation of scientists. Themes of the training included the causes of climate change, deforestation, forest degradation and solutions to counter them. The training was designed as a capacity building workshop for religious leaders in Equateur, to expand their understanding of key rainforest issues and to provide a foundation of knowledge on which to build a clear and effective program of work mobilizing religious leaders across the province. IRI DRC will hold follow-up trainings with IRI Equateur to encourage collective action and effective advocacy for the protection and restoration of forests.