IRI DRC launches new provincial chapter in Equateur

On April 12th, IRI DRC launched a new chapter in the province of Equateur with the aim of mobilizing moral urgency and spiritual resources in different religious communities to protect forests and ensure a sustainable future for the inhabitants of the province. The launch took place in the Bébé Iyongo conference room in the Government office and welcomed religious leaders from different faiths, indigenous peoples’ representatives, NGOs and environmental experts. More than 50 religious community leaders from Equateur participated in discussions on the moral, ethical and spiritual arguments in favour of the protection of the forest and its inhabitants.  Participants also attended a presentation on community-based political advocacy, and working on the development of an IRI Equateur action plan. The goal was to identify where faith communities in the province of Equateur can advocate for policies that ensure the protection of intact forests and the land rights of local and indigenous communities.  The launch of IRI Equateur marks an important milestone for the protection and restoration of forests in the province, which is more than 80% forest cover.