IRI DRC secures agreement with Provincial Coordinator to establish commission to monitor and promote the protection of forests in Equateur

While launching the IRI Equateur provincial chapter, IRI DRC held meetings with several government authorities, including the Governor and the Coordinator of Environment and Sustainable Development for the province. IRI DRC shared information about their four pillars of work: education and raising awareness, mobilizing action on the ground, advocating for policy changes and law enforcement that protect forests and the rights of indigenous peoples, and influencing the private sector.  IRI DRC urged that a tangible action plan be put together to protect forests in the province. The Governor agreed and IRI DRC was asked to be a part of the team and to work hand-in-hand with technical staff to implement projects that ensure the protection of the province‚Äôs forests. IRI DRC also secured agreement with the Provincial Coordinator of Environment and Sustainable Development to create a permanent working group or commission to regularly share information on forest protection and sustainable management programs, which will include representatives of IRI Equateur, the Provincial Coordinator and project/program implementers. The provincial authority agreed that IRI Equateur would be fully integrated into all provincial bodies concerning the protection of forests.