IRI Indonesia holds training for religious leaders on rainforests in East Kalimantan

IRI Indonesia held a full-day training on the protection of forests for 30 participants from different religious groups. The training was organized as part of an effort to build the capacity of religious leaders that will work together with and through the newly launched IRI East Kalimantan chapter. Themes of the training included the status of deforestation in East Kalimantan, the connection between forests and climate change, the challenges of enforcing the rights of indigenous peoples, and the theological basis in different faiths for acting to protect and restore forests. The program was led by an expert team of trainers assembled by IRI Indonesia and including Prof Daddy Ruhiyat (DDNPI), Ir. Niel Makinuddin MA (YKAN), Abdon Nababan (AMAN), Suadi D Pranoto (PBNU), Fachruddin Mangunjaya (UNAS), Reverend Jimmy Sormin (PGI), Romo Agustinus Heri (KWI), Priest Astono Chandra (PHDI), and Dana Ahmad Ali (PBNU). Breakout sessions were held to tailor key messages for each faith tradition and to consider how each religious group can contribute to the protection and restoration of forests in the East Kalimantan province going forward.