IRI Peru convenes Pact for the Amazon partners to review progress and strategy

IRI Peru recently held a meeting with the driving group of partners working together on the Pact for the Amazon campaign, including MOCICC, Coalición por una Producción Sostenible, Proyecto Prevenir, AIDER, ACCA, IBC, ProPurús, UNDP, AMPA, IUCN and others to share the progress that has been made within the first quarter of 2021 and to collectively review the strategy and next steps.  IRI Peru’s strategy is to ensure that the protection and restoration of the Amazon is a central topic for the public and policymakers, notably including the parties and candidates vying for the presidency. Next steps in the campaign include organizing dialogues for the bicentennial of the Independence of Peru and on economic reactivation, all with a focus on protecting forests and the rights of indigenous peoples in the country.  During the month of May, IRI Peru also held several meetings with organizations specialized in forest management and protection to develop joint strategies and increase their impact. IRI Peru met with DAR – Derecho, Ambiente y Recursos Naturales and Iris Olivera, Coordinator of the Environmental Rights and Justice program to discuss joint actions in the local chapters of Peru. A working session was also held with Gustavo Suarez de Freitas, coordinator of Earth Innovation Institute in Peru, in order to develop plans and proposals for the sustainable development of the Amazon region.