IRI DRC holds workshops, develops actions with chapters in Ituri and Equateur

From June 21-24, IRI DRC held workshops in Ituri focused on the development of action plans.  The workshop, held in Bunia, was attended by 23 leaders from various religious denominations, the provincial government, indigenous peoples representatives, civil society, and research institutions. As a guiding principle and goal, participants agreed “By 2030, all stakeholders, indigenous peoples and local communities participate in the protection and sustainable management of tropical forests, taking into consideration the laws and ethics for the well-being of present and future generations.” Both IRI Ituri and IRI Equateur used the same methodology to conduct an organizational analysis and defined an action plan to protect the tropical forests of the provinces and develop advocacy campaigns to influence decision makers, public policy and the private sectors. Draft plans have now been developed that outline concrete actions in the areas of mobilization, education and outreach, and political advocacy.  The workshops also included a training by Global Forest Watch, with the goal of empowering the IRI provincial chapters with the tools and satellite data to collect information about forest changes, threats and land activity.