IRI Peru holds a virtual interfaith prayer session for the International Day for the Conservation of Tropical Forests

On June 26th, IRI Peru organized a prayer session for faith communities to congregate and honor tropical forests. The event included the participation of 10 representatives from IRI Peru local chapters including Beatriz Osuna, Brother Leonidas Saavedra, Sister Lucero Guillén, Pastor Alipio Morán, Pastor Ángel Sullón, Sara Alvarado and Diandra Torres and Darik Alvarado Vela. Pastor Cristian Scheljee, President of the Union of Evangelical Christian Churches of Peru opened the collective prayer with a reflection on how forests are present in the heart of God. Delio Siticonatzi, an indigenous teacher, spoke about the presence of forests in human hearts and sang songs in Asháninka referring to the different elements of nature. Click here to watch the event.