IRI Colombia prepares to set up citizen oversight bodies in 36 local chapters across the Amazon

Each of the 36 IRI Colombia local chapters have consolidated pastoral and environmental action plans and have committed to tracking and monitoring implementation of (i) municipal development plans, (ii) territorial development plans and (iii) investment plans carried out by the territorial authorities.  The overall objective of this work stream is to ensure a high level of ambition and compliance with commitments by local and regional authorities with regards to halting deforestation and restoring the Amazon. To this end, all 36 local chapters are preparing to set up citizen oversight bodies. These organizations seek to include religious communities in monitoring land-use planning processes, verifying that contracting is carried out transparently and in accordance with legal criteria, and overseeing the timely and correct execution of public policies, plans and projects that usepublic resources. These citizen oversight bodies represent an expression of grassroots political advocacy and are being designed as a mechanism to support policymaking that protects and restores forests.