IRI Colombia is taking steps to consolidate the Parliamentary Front for the Amazon

IRI Colombia is advancing activities to ensure the success and efficacy of the ‘parliamentary front’ it created. The approach aims to ensure that the administrative bodies (like the municipal councils and departmental assemblies) of the regions where IRI Colombia is present are linked up with the IRI Colombia local chapters. In this way, direct advocacy can be facilitated to ensure policies and projects that actively protect and restore the Amazon.  When the new legislation begins in July 2022, and once the new senators are sworn in, IRI Colombia will work through this coalition of parliamentarians to promote laws that actively serve to protect forests.  The priority laws for IRI Colombia include: the law approving the Escazú Agreement; bills that seek to create a “deforestation-free meat” seal; the creation of environmental roundtables in the national territory; guaranteeing the conservation and governance of protected areas belonging to the national system of natural parks and their buffer zones; and optimizing the delivery of information on deforestation and degradation of the country’s forests.