IRI Peru convenes Parliamentary group for a sustainable Amazonia

In February 2022, IRI Peru proposed the formation of a Parliamentary Block for the Amazon, to consolidate a group of legislators committed to enacting policies and programs to protect and restore Peru’s forests.  IRI Peru recently held a second meeting of the group of parliamentarians, and welcomes in new members, congresspeople  Edward Malaga and Heydi Juarez. In the meeting, it was agreed that in July, in the Congress of the Republic, the bloc would be officially launched under the name “Parliamentary Group for a Sustainable Amazon”. At this event, the main conclusions and recommendations of the experts and authorities regarding legislative priorities in forestry matters will be presented to Congress.  Additionally, and in coordination with the office of Congresswoman Ruth Luque, talks have begun with OXFAM to include their initiative for a parliamentary agenda for the prevention of oil spills in the Amazon in the agenda of the Parliamentary Group for a Sustainable Amazon.