IRI Colombia participates in meeting with the new national government

On 11 July, IRI Colombia participated in the social dialogue space developed by the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of the new government of President Gustavo Petro. Together with IRI Colombia, organisations such as Gaia Amazonas, the Foundation for Conservation and Sustainable Development, the Departmental Roundtable on Climate Change of Nariño and the Indigenous Forum of the Amazon held a critical dialogue on the current deforestation law and raised with the new government the need to activate oversight mechanisms and generate accurate data on deforestation. IRI Colombia also called for the strengthening of institutions working on forest management, such as the National Forest Service and the environmental authorities.  “It is important to give continuity to programmes such as Visión Amazonía, which has done important work in the region,” said Blanca Lucía Echeverry, National Facilitator of IRI Colombia. She also emphasised the government’s responsibility to guarantee the rights of environmental leaders. In addition, the organisations raised the need to formulate a sustainable development model that respects the establishment of protected areas and called on the new government to review programs such as Operation Artemis, and to give greater emphasis to actions to address land grabbing and the establishment of agricultural frontiers.