IRI Colombia local chapters in San José del Guaviare make progress in fulfilling pastoral action plans

IRI Colombia held a series of meetings with members of the local chapters in San José del Guaviare to follow up on their pastoral and environmental action plans, and to learn about the progress and challenges presented. The IRI Colombia national team was able to see the work of the religious leaders, who will dedicate their homilies and worship services in the first week of September to highlight the importance of human rights and, specifically, the right to a healthy environment.  Additionally, IRI’s local chapters in San José del Guaviare, Charras Boquerón and El Capricho will join together to hold a massive public event on 29 October in the Parque de la Vida to raise awareness about the deforestation crisis, the effects of climate change, the rights of indigenous peoples and, especially, the construction of environmental citizenship. In addition to members of IRI’s local chapters, the event will be attended by the Governor’s Office, the Secretary of Government, the Secretary of Education, schools and universities in the municipality, local media.  The event is expected to be attended by around 1,500 people.