IRI DRC contributes to workshop, study on strengthening commitments to forests in DRC’s National Determined Contribution (NDC)

IRI DRC has been actively working to input into the National Determined Contribution (NDC) of DRC to the UNFCCC.  The program recently participared in a stakeholder consultation workshop coordinated by the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) on a draft roadmap for the implementation of the NDC in the DRC. Following this meeting, IRI DRC and CEDEN have been collaborating to organize thematic expert group sessions, with the support of Fern and the European Forest Institute (EFI) in order to enrich/propose amendments to the draft and elaborate the roadmap of civil society and religious denominations for follow-up.  IRI DRC also contributed to a study entitled “New and Revised NDCs: What about the Forests in the DRC?” – a comparative analysis of NDCs in three countries of the Congo Basin (the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Republic of Congo and the Central African Republic) as well as four other countries (Cameroon, Ghana, Liberia and Vietnam). The objective of the study was to (i) provide a contextual analysis of what the three main target countries have committed to in terms of national climate efforts, (ii) provide concrete recommendations on how these countries can better integrate forest governance into their NDCs, (iii) assess the revised NDCs from a forest and forest governance perspective, and (iv) discuss the correlation between improved forest governance and climate outcomes. The study concluded that (i) if several countries show a willingness to reduce deforestation through ambitious commitments, this will be a good thing, (ii) none of the NDCs analyzed show a commitment to stop deforestation completely by 2030, even though their forests are essential to achieving the objectives of the Paris Agreement, and (iii) DRC’s NDC is quite comprehensive with regard to forests compared to other NDCs that were studied, even though it clearly does not make any commitments to end forest degradation and deforestation.