IRI Colombia finalizes proposals through “Escucha la Amazonia” for the National Development Plan, 2022-2026

The Escucha la Amazonia alliance, of which IRI Colombia is a lead member, concluded its preparation of proposals to be issued to the national government regarding the protection of the Amazon, including specific provisions around the implementation of a sustainable development model from and for the Amazon, the restoration of the ecological and socio-cultural connectivity of the Amazon, the consolidation of an intercultural State for the Amazon, and the protection of the rights of environmental defenders of the peasant communities and indigenous authorities of the Amazon. Additionally, representatives of the ten organizations that make up Escucha la Amazonia met on September 28 to formulate a roadmap to integrate these proposals into Binding Regional Dialogues – a planning and participatory instrument created by the national government to build the National Development Plan 2022-2026. IRI Colombia and the alliance members discussed how to ensure that their proposals are included in the national development plan, which will be approved no later than May 2023.