IRI Brazil showcases Virtual Reality film “Amazonia Viva” at the Vatican

From 21-22 November, the film was showcased at the Vatican along with important staff members of Pope Frances attending the screening, including Monsignor Lucio Ruiz, Secretary of the Vatican’s Dicastery for Communications; Father Joshtrom Isaac Kureethadam, head of the Dicastery for integral human development and coordinator of Laudato Si; Sophia Sanniti, researcher and member of the team at the Dicastery for integral development; Silvonei José, speaker and journalist from Vatican Radio and Vatican News; Bianca Fraccalvieri, journalist in charge of social networks at Vatican Radio; Raimundo Carlos de Lima, journalist from the Communications Office at Vatican Radio; Father Gianfranco Graziola, theological advisor of the Prison Pastoral in Brazil; Jackson Luis Erpen, journalist from the secretary of communications at Vatican Radio. IRI Brazil donated a complete kit so that Msgr. Lucio Ruiz can try to show the film to Pope Francis and other Vatican authorities. The kit consists of Quest 2 glasses equipped with the film, remote controllers, headphones and chargers.

Still in Rome, the film was shown to Yildirim Kirgoz, diplomat and husband of the Swiss Ambassador in Rome, who showed great interest in helping IRI Brasil raise donations to disseminate the film in schools and religious institutions in the Amazon.