IRI Brazil reaches over 1,200 religious leaders through 23 different events and workshops on tropical forests, climate change and the rights of indigenous peoples

IRI Brazil conducted a total of 23 workshops and events aimed at raising awareness among religious leaders about the critical significance of preserving the Amazon rainforest, primarily through the screening of the AmazĂ´nia Viva film. Of these events, 35% were conducted in the Legal Amazon region, 35% in the southeast region of the country, 9% in the mid-west region, and 22% took place during international events. The collective outreach resulted in engaging 1,204 religious leaders representing diverse traditions and spiritualities. Conservatively estimated, these leaders collectively reach approximately 120,000 individuals through their respective networks. A significant number of religious leaders engaged expressed a strong interest in extending outreach initiatives to other religious communities within their sphere of influence and to participate in additional activities organized by IRI Brazil.

60th General Assembly of the CNBB

Rio Branco/Acre


National Center for Monitoring and Alerts of Natural Disasters (CEMADEN)

National Institute for Space Research (INPE)