IRI Brazil Radio Broadcasts Reach Over One Million People As Part Of Campaign To Reduce Fires And Deforestation

The campaign “For the Right to Breathe Clean Air”, which aims to raise awareness among the population and public authorities about the urgent need to reduce forest devastation and fires, entered a new phase in November. The initial stage involved training religious leaders. In the second phase, these leaders were provided with customized guides to disseminate messages during the activities of their religious institutions. The third phase saw IRI Brazil offering a messaging kit (including cards and videos), which the leaders shared on their social networks and traditional media outlets. In this fourth stage, given the worsening situation of fires and the historical drought facing the region, the IRI Brazil local chapters decided it was crucial to broadcast radio spots on the region’s radio stations. IRI Brazil developed 8 different 45-second spots, featuring both male and female voices, and is collaborating with 9 radio stations in 7 of the 9 states of the Legal Amazon. It is estimated that around 1.4 million people have been reached so far, spanning almost 200 municipalities. In addition to broadcasting messages on radio, the IRI Brazil campaign has captured the interest of the local press, resulting in several articles that highlight the importance of this action.