IRI Colombia Launches Three New Local Chapters In Municipality Of Orito, Putumayo

As part of its territorial intervention strategy, IRI Colombia officially lauched the local chapters IRI-Orito, IRI-Churuyaco and IRI-Siberia in the municipality of Orito, Putumayo. The event was held in the auditorium of the Chamber of Commerce and was attended by more than 130 people, including religious leaders of different denominations and presidents of action boards from more than 50 villages; governors of the Awa, Selvas del Putumayo and Bajo Mirador Yanacona indigenous councils; representatives of environmental organizations, municipal councilors and local authorities. Blanca LucĂ­a Echeverry, National Facilitator of IRI Colombia, presented the initiative’s lines of action in the Colombian Amazon. Luis Javier Orozco, parish priest of the Virgen de las Mercedes Church in Siberia, reflected on the urgency of caring for our common home; Diego Campos, biologist and PhD in Ecology and Sustainable Development and professor of the Faculty of Engineering of the Universidad Distrital, gave a lecture on the causes and consequences of climate change, in which he addressed topics such as the relationship between biodiversity and climate, the Amazon in the global geographic and climatic context, the relationship between traditional knowledge and climate change, and adaptation and mitigation initiatives in the face of climate change. Finally, divided into ten groups according to their place of residence, the attendees participated in a social mapping workshop, in which they reflected on the impact of climate change in their territories and developed maps with some of these problems and possible solutions.