IRI Brazil Expands Team In Amazon Capitals 

IRI Brazil has moved ahead with a Religious Leadership Project for Climate, Forests, and Indigenous Peoples, an initiative aimed at expanding the IRI Brazil team with the goal of increasing awareness among religious leaders, children, young people, and educators in the Amazon capitals and other cities across the nation. Nine individuals were appointed as IRI Brazil coordinators across the nine capitals in the Legal Amazon, where IRI Brazil local chapters are being established. This team comprises five women and four men and is responsible for supporting the national team in formulating and executing the action plans for each local chapter. Two monitors were assigned to oversee the execution of the Amazon Project in Communities, which focuses on raising awareness about tropical forest preservation in underserved communities within the Federal District. Two monitors were also designated to oversee the execution of the Amazon Project in Temples, concentrating on promoting awareness of tropical forest preservation within religious communities in the Federal District. One digital communicator has been tasked with devising strategies to disseminate socio-environmental messages and enhance engagement on social media platforms, supporting the efforts of IRI’s Communication Coordination.