IRI Colombia Publishes Editorial For Amazon Summit

IRI Colombia coordinated the preparation and publication of an editorial “A New Hope opens for the Amazon” signed by Bishop Francisco Duque Gómez, President, Interreligious Council of Colombia; Dr. Germán Poveda, Professor of the National University; Oswaldo Muca Castizo, Coordinator General, Association of Indigenous Authorities of Querari (OPIAC), in support of the Amazon Summit. The editorial read, in part, ““The leaders who sign this call do so from different perspectives but united by a common purpose. From the scientific perspective we understand that deforestation is one of the causes of climate change. From the spiritual perspective we recognize that restoring the Common Home is protecting the home of future generations. From the perspective of environmental defenders we recognize that ending violence against indigenous peoples is a condition for halting the loss of the Amazon rainforest. But we all understand that the time to act decisively for the Amazon is now.”  The editorial was published in El Espectador, one of the main newspapers in Colombia. Read the editorial here.