IRI Indonesia Holds Environmental Journalism Workshop With 32 Public Relations Professionals, Focus On Forests

The workshop, held at Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta, convened a diverse assembly of 32 public relations professionals representing various official religious institutions across Indonesia. Additionally, 14 government representatives, representing the Indonesian Peatland and Mangrove Restoration Agency (BRGM), participated in the training event that’s overarching purpose was to instill a profound awareness of the critical need for environmental stewardship and responsible resource management, particularly around forests. The program sought to ensure the dissemination of accurate and balanced information, and enhance the accuracy and impartiality of information sharing, particularly concerning the utilization of natural resources such as peatlands, mangroves and forests. Further, the workshop was designed to strengthen the sense of responsibility within religious organizations and institutions to report on forests in their respective networks. The event culminated in a collaborative mangrove planting activity at the Angke Mangrove Nature Park.