IRI Brazil secures cooperation agreement with the Legislative Assembly of Acre

At a meeting attended by the president of the Legislative Assembly of the State of Acre, Deputy Luis Gonzaga, and the National Facilitator of IRI Brazil, Carlos Vicente, on February 2nd in Rio Branco-AC, a cooperation agreement was established for the development of activities to raise awareness among the state’s deputies and the population in general about preventing and responding to climate disasters, combating forest fires and deforestation, as well as the search for alternatives for the sustainable development of the state.

The following joint actions were defined: 1) carrying out a scientific immersion at CEMADEN and INPE with the participation of President Luis Gonzaga and other deputies to be chosen by him; (2) holding lectures on alternatives for sustainable development; 3) developing awareness-raising actions for the deputies and staff of the Legislative Assembly and for the general public based on the screening of the film AmazĂ´nia Viva, and; 4) support for the development of proposals for vocational training in digital technologies for urban and indigenous youth.

The establishment of the cooperation agenda between IRI Brazil and the Legislative Assembly of Acre is an important step towards helping the state’s legislators better understand the importance of socio-environmental public policies, especially those aimed at reducing forest loss, and to start giving political and institutional support to strengthening environmental governance and helping to qualify the debate in the state and combat the strong resistance that exists in the state’s political and business circles against this agenda.