IRI Colombia prepares 17 guides to support the formulation of territorial development plans with a focus on forest protection

IRI Colombia has developed 17 conceptual guides to support the formulation of Territorial Development Plans with an Amazonian environmental approach. The guides are aimed at the mayors’ offices of 14 municipalities and the governors’ offices of three Amazonian departments, covering a total of 42 local chapters. Their creation is part of the commitment statement and programmatic agreement “A new opportunity of hope for the Amazon”, signed by the mayors and governors during their electoral campaigns. The guides propose specific content to direct and highlight actions aimed at combating deforestation in the territorial planning instruments that will guide the development of municipalities and departments over the next four years. IRI Colombia’s proposal has been designed considering the government programs of each territorial entity and pursues three key ideas: ensure the legal mandate to stop deforestation, recognize the transformative potential of community participation in the conservation of the Amazon rainforest, and identify possible sources of funding for the conservation and restoration of the Amazon ecosystem.