IRI DRC meets with Director General of Congolese Institute for Nature Conservation

The National Facilitator of IRI DRC held a working session with the Director General of the Congolese Institute for Nature Conservation to present IRI DRC, explore mechanisms for collaboration with religious leaders, and to discuss the strategies to secure commitments to protect forests from the Head of State of the Democratic Republic of Congo. During their exchanges, the two pledged to collaborate for the protection of populations living around parks and protected areas through awareness raising and conflict resolution by involving religious leaders.

Regarding the contribution to the work around securing a 7th commitment from the current administration around the protection of forests, the Director General made two experts available to IRI DRC to work on the proposal and bring the vision of ICCN to the note. The two organizations also agreed to contribute to preparations for Earth Day, when IRI DRC will hold a national conference to build visibility and momentum around this agenda. The Director General pledged to mobilize other religious leaders who are around the President of the Republic for involvement in advocacy.