IRI Indonesia facilitates immersion visit of religious leaders to indigenous peoples forest

In the verdant forests of Banten, a field visit was conducted by IRI Indonesia to delve into the traditional resource management practices of the Kasepuhan Karang indigenous community within the Kasepuhan Karang Customary Forest. The visit aimed to deepen understanding of religious leaders of the sustainable forest management practices of indigenous peoples. The visit included the participation of eleven members of the IRI Indonesia Advisory Council, including eight religious leaders and three academics. The visit was facilitated by AMAN West Java. The head of the Kasepuhan Karang community, village leaders, local youth leaders, and about 50 members of the indigenous community also participated. The program commenced with introductions and explanations by the IRI Indonesia Facilitator and the village leader, followed by the planting of robusta and arabica coffee trees, emblematic crops of the local residents, and vital to the livelihood of the indigenous community. Representatives from IRI Indonesia and indigenous youth engaged in tree planting activities in the community forest. The collaboration forged between religious leaders and the indigenous community fosters a united front for the preservation of the customary forest, ensuring its long-term vitality.