IRI Madre de Dios and IRI Quillabamba participate in 2024 Interregional Forum Panel on water management and the climate crisis

On 22 March, the “Interregional Forum Panel: Towards Integral and Sustainable Water Management in the Context of the Climate and Environmental Crisis 2024” was held in Cusco. IRI Peru facilitated the participation of delegates from IRI Madre de Dios and IRI Quillabamba, who emphasised the linkages between the struggles for water in the Andean zone and the decline of the Amazon forests. One of the key outcomes of the event was the formation of the Agua y Vida collective, which consists of organisations that participate in Resurrect Peru Now (RPA). This is served as an opportunity for IRI Madre de Dios and IRI Quillabamba to join the wider network of actors who have been working on the ground to link the water crisis with deforestation in the Amazon.