IRI North Kivu advances campaign on forest protection and restoration in Goma

On 1 March, IRI North Kivu facilitated the planting of trees in the plots of the Non-Denominational Church and the Salvation Army denominations in the Katoyi district of Goma. The activity was carried out as part of the ‘OPIS mon jardin’ project for the restoration and reconstitution of forest cover. IRI North Kivu expanded implementation of the “OPIS mon jardin” project on 4 March, as it brought together 20 people from the different displacement camps of Masisi, Rutshuru, and Nyirangongo for a training at the PEIGO temple. Through the activity, the participants cultivated vegetable gardens in the villages and localities surrounding the city of Goma. On 7 March, IRI North Kivu hosted the program, “Listeners of Radio”, on Radio RTVS 97.5 Mhz, as part of its ‘Each Plot One Tree’ awareness campaign. The objective of the campaign is to restore the forest cover in the city of Goma and its surroundings and to raise awareness on the importance of forests. In celebration of the International Day of Forests, IRI North Kivu, in partnership with Radio RTVS 97.5 Mhz, advanced a media awareness campaign under the theme, “Protecting the forest means protecting a better life.”