IRI Peru secures endorsement for proposal to meet with the President of Congress about legislation on illegal mining

IRI Peru held a working meeting with Congresswoman Ruth Luque, President of the Commission on Andean, Amazonian, Afro-descendant Peoples, Environment and Ecology (CPAAAAE) of the Congress of the Republic to evaluate the difficult situation of the Amazon and explore engagement opportunities and possible actions for IRI Peru. During the meeting, it was agreed that IRI Peru would request to meet with the President of Congress and the spokespersons of the different parliamentary groups, with an aim to express concerns about the new laws that allow illegal logging and mining that threaten forests and the safety of forest defenders and communities. Congresswoman Luque agreed to endorse the proposed meeting with IRI Peru and recognise it as a key actor working to address deforestation in the Amazon. While awaiting confirmation from the President of the Congress, IRI Peru has been actively coordinating with religious leaders to secure their participation in the proposed meeting with the President of Congress. IRI Peru has confirmed the participation of Monsignor Miguel Ángel Cadenas from Iquitos, Monsignor Alfredo Vizcarra from Jaén, César Llanco of the Methodist Church and the World Council of Churches, and Pedro Véliz of the Lutheran Church.